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Stainless Steel Drums TypeY

Stainless Steel Drums Type Y
The automatıc Tanning and Dyeing Drums are useful by the tanneries which process cow and ship skins for tanning and dyeing steps in a fastest,best process quality and less chemical materials served way. The machine is manufactured by AISI 316-L type of stainless steel and formed by two cylinders,one of them is outside and fix,the other one is inside and turns in two direction. The inside cylinder is separated in three parts an that protects the leathers to twist each other or to make dyeing defaults because of heterogeneonus effect. The insider cylinder is rotating in the other one when working and enters continuously in the process bath existing in the outsider cylinder. Heat control,forward -backward rotating selection and night working programming is controlled the pH control and the process bath level is controllable too. The rotating speed is RPM for every type of that machine.
Makes the process of two times more leather then the wooden drums process
Process perion is %30-%50 shorter hen the wooden drums.
There is an obtain of economy %50 frım the process water and %5-30 from the chemical materials and dyes thus the waste water quantity and waste water treatment depenses are decreasing.
The chemical materials may be adjusted when running and the process bath temparature is always fix thanks of the heat control
Its transportation and installation is easier then wooden drums and the installation area is less.
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