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The stainless steel mixer is 

The stainless steel mixer is used for soaking,liming,pickling,dyeing and fatliquaring of all kind of skins and hides. It is produced cylindrical whicg made from stainless steel material. Specially mixers are designed, angel blades generade uniform and continous of skins/hides inside the drum.
The main frame is also equipped with a monopump circulation pump. All mixers are equiped with digital heat control system and ariable speed control system.
We either manufacture new mixer or second hand-reconditioned mixer. It depends on your prospect from mixer which will be good condition as new as you need. The size of mixer is preferable and flexible.
Sliding cover of the drum stops automatically for loading and check position of the operaator
The direction of the drum rotation can be changed, back and forth, in every desired period
Drum speed can be changed during the process without stopping
The surfaces exposed to chemical substances are made of tainless teel AISI 316,and the reamining body and chassis parts are made of stainless teel 304.
Indirect heating system is done by oil circulation through the double layered drum
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